Classes as low as

$10 for 4 classes per month

ONE FLAT FEE - for up to 36 children

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What your Center desires to charge per child is completely up to you! KinderTime charges center only $95.50 per session hour. KinderTime session hours are 1.5 hours. A session hour can be split into (3)30 min sessions or (2) 45 min sessions according to ages. (This cost is for the entire group not per child basis!) Note the more children per age group the better the fund-raiser! To reserve your preferred dates and times for classes, please complete & submit your registration.



chool pay option with fundraiser 

With this option schools register, bill their parents and schools pay directly using our website. All classes as low as $10 for 4 class per month!  No minimum participant requirement. 36 participants needed to make your fundraiser profitable!

Special note: The more children that enroll the better the fundraiser! When deciding on the monthly fee for your parents, please calculate the amount of children that you anticipate to take part in each selected class type. Remember that up to 36 children can take part in each session hour ( 1.5 hr).

Approximate fundraiser possibilities

A fitting KinderTime Instructor for your selected class type will come out once per week & 4 times per month  for 1.5 hours each visit.

The 1.5 hours should be split into 3 -30 min classes.

Example: 30  min 12 Toddlers, 30 min 12 Kindergartners , 30 min 12 preschoolers.  Totals 36 participants


Should you choose to charge your parents $10 monthly for 4 classes monthly with 36 participants, you would receive $360


monthly from your parents which would simply cover the cost of the program.