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ONE FLAT FEE - for up to 36 children

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Musical Theater

Pre-teens & teens will learn to sing, dance, and act in this beginner Musical Theater class! They act out their favorite musical numbers in the safe and comfortable environment of their own school. Self-expression and singing are just a few of the skills that they will practice weekly. They  will have fun while building three basic confidences: Vocal Confidence, Physical Confidence, and Creative Confidence. In addition, they will be learning poems, acting out favorite stories, and exploring imaginary worlds. All working towards becoming braver singers, dancers, and actors, but also become more confident and creative!

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Creative Movement

This class is designed to improve body awareness and self- confidence while emphasizing motor skill development and coordination skills. Encouraging students to explore their whole world through their whole bodies with movement and music. Each session incorporates developmentally appropriate songs, games, props such as scarves, balls, hoops and instruments, and many more.


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Gymnastics / Tumbling

This class promotes balance, strength, coordination, left & right skills, and eye-hand coordination. The students will learn to work together in fun activities using props such as balancing ropes, & beams, tumbling mats, scarves, balls, hoops and more.


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In this class teens & pre-teens learns the very basics of soccer using fundamental games and exercises. Players develop motor skills, balance, and movement. Students are introduced to age-appropriate activities: skill demonstrations, fun games, and instructional scrimmages always conducted in a non-competitive, recreational format.


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This class is designed to give students a taste of karate while teaching safety through fun activities and games. These classes are taught using games, projects, role-play, and traditional karate teaching methods as they learn the basics of Karate.

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Dance Combo

This class is designed for teens and pre-teens to improve body awareness and self-confidence while teaching them the basics of a variety of dance styles. Students will be introduced to ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance techniques. They will experience a variety of different dance styles such as Flamenco, Square dance, Latin dance, and Irish dance, etc. They will learn dance routines and be encouraged to explore the whole world through their body. Each lesson incorporates developmentally appropriate music, games, and props.


Art with Music

Meet the Masters

MEET the MASTERS through ART & MUSIC! Art & music blended in a unique and fun way that is also delighting and entertaining. Students will get an introduction to some of the greatest painters and artists in our history, and have it presented in a way that captivates and entertains. Music is utilized in a way that helps learn about inspiration with their own creativity, and your student gets to create art in a group setting that encourages the expression of his or her own creativity. 

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The class is a structured program designed for the early development of technical ballet and movement. It precisely meets the needs and limitations of beginner ballet students by providing a carefully paced sequence of exercises to develop physical conditioning with poise and grace

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This class is designed to help build strength and flexibility, concentration and focus, compassion and self-esteem through the playful practice of yoga postures. Students will have fun as they improve their posture, motor coordination, and balance. 

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In this class students will improove their performance skills while they learn the basics of Zumba. This rocken, high -energy fitness-packed class introduces specially choreographed, routines with all the music students love, like hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia and more. This class increases focus helps boost metabolism and enhance coordination & self-confidence

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This class is designed for teens & pre-teens to improve body awareness and self-confidence. Students will move to their favorite songs while improving their coordination, balance, and posture. They will learn dance routines and be encouraged to explore the whole world through their whole body. Each lesson incorporates developmentally appropriate music, games, and props.

Playing Guitar

Group Guitar

Students will learn the basics of playing the guitar. First they will be introduced to the ukulele to prepare them for guitar. They will also learn to read standard notation as well as tablature and chord symbols, melody, rhythm, technique, solo, and group playing.