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$59/ group

rate per hour 

School pay option for
elementary and up

Theres a 4 hour daily

minimum schedule requirement

When scheduling a specific class type for a minimum of 4 hours or more per school vist.


Schools register, funds the program or bills their parents and pay directly using our website. 


School selects the class type(s) that your school will partake in.


Minimum schedule requirement :2 months/ 2 billing cycles during our summer session and 4 months/ 4 billing cycles during Fall/Winter/Spring sessions. Thereafter a one months notice is required.


1. Click select to view program flyers

2. Print program flyers for your selected classes

3 Simply enter the amount that you plan to charge your parents

Once you've received positive feedback.....its time to register!
Kindergarten & Elementary
creative Movement  Middle & High-11.png
Creative Movement
creative Movement  Middle & High-10.png
Magical Music
Art with Music
Dance Combo
Group Guitar Middle & High-2.png
Group Guitar
 Theater k.png
Musical Theater
Middle & Highschool