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Your child will recieve the following

A welcome letter with membership code  allowing access to your virtual classes. For in person classes at your participating school, you'll receive a class confirmation.

A personal class kit with props shipped to your home or school every three months for the selected series of classes.

One weekly virtual class at home or school. Or in person with participating school. 

One monthly live zoom class with your assigned instructor to go over lessons and discuss progress.

A KinderTime class participation award every three months.

All KinderTime Kits with props are free of charge when continuing with another class type.



Ages 3 - 13

This class is designed to give kids a taste of karate while teaching safety through fun activities and games. These classes are taught using games, projects, role-play, and traditional karate teaching methods as they learn the basics of Karate. Kids will also learn how to stay safe and what to do in emergencies. We use role-play and games to teach fire safety, street safety, stranger danger, and how and when to call 911. 


Ages 3 - 13

The class is a structured program designed for the early development of technical ballet and movement. It precisely meets the needs and limitations of preschool and elementary age children by providing a carefully paced sequence of exercises to develop physical conditioning with poise and grace.


Ages 3 - 13

Creative Movement

Ages 3 - 13

A class designed for children to improve body awareness and self-confidence while emphasizing motor skill development and coordination skills. Encouraging kids to explore their whole world through their whole bodies with movement and music.

This class is designed to help children build strength and flexibility, concentration and focus, compassion and self-esteem through the playful practice of yoga postures. Kids will have fun as they improve their posture, motor coordination, and balance. Yoga poses are taught by simulating animals, set to stories with music. A child who learns yoga will develop skills that will last a lifetime! 

Set your child’s course for FUN with ..MEET the MASTERS through MUSIC! Art & music blended in a unique and fun way that is also delighting and entertaining. Your child will get an introduction to some of the greatest painters and artists in our history, and have it presented in a way that captivates and entertains. Music is utilized in a way that children learn about inspiration with their own creativity, and your child gets to create art in a group setting that encourages the expression of his or her own creativity. 

Art with Music

Ages 4 - 13

Hip Hop

Ages 4 - 13

A class designed for boys and girls to improve body awareness and self-confidence. The kids will move to their favorite songs while improving their coordination, balance, and posture. They will learn dance routines and be encouraged to explore the whole world through their whole body. Each lesson incorporates developmentally appropriate music, games, and props.

Musical Theater


Ages 4 - 13

Children will learn to sing, dance, and act in this beginner Musical Theater class! Children will act out 

their favorite musical numbers. Self expression and singing are just a few of the skills that they will 

practice weekly. Children will have fun while 

building three basic confidences: 

Vocal Confidence, Physical Confidence, and 

Creative Confidence. In addition, they will be 

learning silly poems, acting out favorite stories, and- exploring imaginary worlds all working towards 

becoming braver singers, dancers, and actors, but also more confident and creative kids!

Ages 4 - 13

This class is a and performance skills will improve while they learn the basics of Zumba.rocken, high -energy fitness-packed class with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love, like hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia and more. This class increases focus helps boost metabolism and enhance coordination and self-confidence.

Dance Combo

Magical Music

Ages 3 - 13

This class is designed for boys and girls to improve body awareness and self-confidence while teaching them the basics of a variety of dance styles. Kids will be introduced to ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. They will experience a variety of different dance styles such as Flamenco, Square dance, Latin dance, and Irish dance, etc. They will learn dance routines and be encouraged to explore the whole world through their body. Each lesson incorporates developmentally appropriate music, games, and props.

Ages 3 - 13

Kids sing-a-long to traditional songs accompanied by toe mapping strains of the acoustic guitar. Kids learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, 

and learn to participate with confidence. 

Curiosity, imagination, and inspiration are awakened by these hand-clapping songs, rhythm chants, and movement activities. Every session includes a time where the kids move to the rhythm of the music as they shake ­out­ their­ sillies or do the "Twist" or a fun "Freeze Dance"! Traditional sing­along songs, good old fashioned songs such as Old Mac Donald, Yankee Doodle, ABC's, Mary Had a Little Lamb and many more great tunes! 

Ukulele / Guitar

Ages 4 - 13

Students will learn the basics of playing the guitar. Kids will first be introduced to the ukulele to prepare them for guitar. They will also learn to read standard notation as well as tablature and chord symbols, melody, rhythm, technique.


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2.   Learn a new class type every three months.

         We offer 11 different class types.

3.   New Kits Delivered every three Months 

        After completion of the first 3 month session simply continue with the new class of choice               and we will deliver you another KinderTime kit with props free of charge for the desired                   new class.

4.   Cancel anytime! 

         Cancel anytime after the completion of any 3 month class.

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Whats Included

All subscriptions include a KinderTime class kit with props

  • Welcome letter from KinderTime with Membership Code.

  • A personal class kit with props.

  • Participation Award Certificates every 3 months. 

  • A personal e-mail from your assigned instructor once per month.

  • One Weekly 30 min Virtual Lesson of the class of your choice 

  • One monthly live ZOOM class with your instructor to go over lessons, discuss progress and up-coming lessons.  

  • Schools receive a 10% Discount on all Mobile in person classes, plus fundraiser

  • ​All KinderTime Kits with props are free of charge when continuing with another class type. 

Free shipping

Free Kit with props for every child for every class

  Virtual subscriptions for home or school include  

Mobile / in person classes at school include  

**A KinderTime instructor who specializes in your selected class type will come out to your school on your preferred day and time  for 1.5 hours. A Minimum of 18 participants needed for in person lessons. Participants may be split accordingly into smaller groups to help maintain social distancing. Preferably 3 - 30 min classes with 6 participants in each 30 min lesson.

  • A personal class kit with props for every participant, including social distancing mask.

  • Participation Award Certificates every 3 months. 

  • One 30 - 45 min Weekly Lesson at school with an in person KinderTime instructor.

  • Schools receive a 10% Discount on all Mobile in person classes, plus fundraiser

  • ​All KinderTime Kits with props are free of charge when continuing with another class type. 

For in person classes KinderTime has implemented protocols surrounding cleanliness/disinfecting, social distancing ,before, during & after class, and health monitoring any symptoms/temperature checks to help mitigate the risk of contracting/spreading COVID-19. We will be following requirements for face coverings per state/local regulations.

Remain 6 feet apart at all times.

Children may not share their personal (Kit) equipment & supplies. Parents are asked to clean their child's Class Kit after every lesson

COVID protocols


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